March 29, 2014

The Most I Ever Learned in Two Days

Hey, Y’all!

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that this past week has been full of changes. Since my last post, I’ve changed my business name, logo, website…the list goes on. What inspired me to do all of this?

I’ve attended a lot of workshops, seminars, and sales conferences since I entered the workforce, so when I signed up for the Refine Workshop with Alison Howard in San Diego, I thought that I knew what to expect. I figured I’d learn some wedding planning processes and, if there were one or two things that I could implement to make my business better, than the experience would be worth it. Boy, was I wrong.

I have never learned so much in two days! Alison Howard is not just an incredible wedding planner, but she’s a completely inspiring person. I have never met someone so willing to teach people all of her secrets to success…especially people in her own field. Thank you, Alison, for being so selfless and real and amazing.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and give all of my new found secrets away, but there was one recurring theme that had my mind going a mile a minute. Something that never even crossed my mind, but made so much sense. Be Authentic. In my past life, you were shown a box, and you wanted to fit into that box. Period. Now, I was being told to be myself? Awesome.

Why did I spend the past week in front of a computer, feverishly changing the brand that I’d loved before? Because gold glitter simply is not me. If you can pull it off, more power to you, but I’m a girl who’s favorite colors are navy blue, camel, and cream. Seriously. What was I thinking?

I was discussing this with my new friend from West Virginia (come on, you know I love the South and that accent gets me every time!), when it became incredibly obvious what I needed to do.

So, here I am today with a navy blue monogram logo, and I’m proud! Proud to have a logo that speaks to who I am, a business with my name on it, and the right tools to plan some amazing weddings. I’m 100% authentic from here on out, so let the fun begin!





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