April 2, 2014

You Can Totally Wear it Again!

Hey Y’all!

I’m super excited to talk to you this week about…bridesmaids dresses!

Wait, did I just say excited? About bridesmaids dresses? How is this possible? If you have to ask, you clearly haven’t seen the amazing bridesmaids dresses out there lately!

Gone are the days of bridesmaids dresses created just to make the bride look better. And the thousands of yards of baby blue tulle. So, what is SO cool about today’s dresses?

They’re easy! Back in the day, if you wanted a bridesmaids dress you needed to go to the bridal shop six months out, order a dress a size too small (so that you’d be extra motivated to lose those last 5 pounds), and then cross your fingers that not only would it fit, but it would be the same color as your matching shoes.

BHLDN bridesmaids dresses

BHLDN bridesmaids dresses

Enter J. Crew and BHLDN (by Anthropologie). Bridesmaids dresses by mainstream brands that aren’t just drop dead gorgeous, but easy! They come in normal people sizes, so you don’t need to know calculus to figure out how it will fit. They generally ship within a week, and if the dress doesn’t fit, you can ship it back and exchange it.

J. Crew bridesmaids dresses

J. Crew bridesmaids dresses

I will admit that these dresses are a bit pricey. However, since the sizing is about the same as their everyday clothing lines, there’s a good chance that you won’t need alterations. BONUS: If you find one that you love, buy over Black Friday! As of last year, you could get them for up to 25% off. And then there’s the fact that…

They’re versatile. Take this J. Crew dress for instance.

J. Crew Arabelle dress

J. Crew Arabelle dress

You could put on some strappy sandals and go on a date. Add a blazer and some pumps, and you’ve got business casual for the office. Throw on some cowboy boots. I mean seriously how cute is this dress?!? And you can…wait not yet!

Great taste doesn’t always work out when you’ve got bridesmaids on a budget. Let me introduce you to the coolest bridesmaid trend, Little Borrowed Dress. Here’s the scoop: you pick a color and a dress, your girls go online and order in their sizes. Two weeks before your wedding, the bridesmaids dresses arrive (in 2 sizes, in case the first doesn’t fit) with a prepaid envelope to return them. Seriously? How amazing is that?

Little Borrowed Dress in Papaya

Little Borrowed Dress in Papaya

But wait, it gets better! They send up to three swatches for free. Finally, as if this wasn’t awesome enough, short dresses are only $50, and long dresses are $75. Find me a dress half this cute for that price. I’ll bet you can’t.

As beautiful as these are, my favorite trend in bridesmaids dresses right now is the color spectrum. There’s no reason for your girls to look like clones anymore. Plus, as phenomenal as your wedding colors probably are, they may not look incredible with every skin tone. Choosing a spectrum of colors allows your best friends to look beautiful and have a little personality, while still looking cohesive in all of your pictures.Check out these pretty pinks courtesy of Style My Pretty:



Just remember, these are your best friends. You want them to look gorgeous by your side, and party with you all night! Help them be comfortable, confident, and happy. Pick one of these dresses, and you’ll find yourself saying, “The best part is, you can totally wear it again!”. And you’ll mean it.





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