April 29, 2015

Shannon & Luke’s Southwestern San Pedro Chapel Wedding

Hey Y’all!

Ever since I spotted a secret preview of this wedding in my inbox a month ago, I’ve been growing more and more excited to share it with you!

Shannon & Luke met while she was attending college in New York, and after a long courtship and a cross-country move to San Francisco, these two were finally ready to make it official. They chose to tie the knot in Tucson, and her sweet parents offered to host the reception at their lovely home, which just happens to have the most stunning views of the Catalina mountains!

Even more impressive than the views are the incredibly artistic, and just downright gorgeous photos of the intimate affair. A HUGE thank you to Evan Robold Photography for capturing the love between these two!
Shannon & Luke-001-XL Shannon & Luke-005-XLShannon & Luke chose to have their ceremony at the San Pedro Chapel, located in the Old Fort Lowell neighborhood. This place is seriously gorgeous, and set just far enough off of the road that you could drive by it 100 times without even knowing it.

DressThere is nothing that I love more than a bride who incorporates sentimental family heirlooms on her wedding day. Shannon’s grandmother passed away a week before the wedding, so she chose to wear a pair of turquoise earrings that her grandmother had worn at her wedding decades ago, and used this small piece of lace from her mother’s wedding dress to wrap her bouquet.

Shannon & Luke-030-XLI was obsessed with Shannon’s dress from the moment that I saw her in it. She looked so classic, elegant, and romantic!

Shannon-&-Luke-096-L Shannon & Luke-032-XLI don’t think that I’ve ever seen a groom look quite as dapper as Luke did in his navy suit, grey vest, and matching pink gingham shirt and pocket square!

Shannon-&-Luke-043-LThe two took a moment out of the busy day to be peaceful with one another prior to the ceremony. The first look photos capture their love for each other perfectly.Shannon & Luke-051-XLShannon & Luke-052-XLShannon & Luke-054-XL Shannon & Luke-059-XL Seriously, isn’t this little chapel just stunning?!?Shannon & Luke-064-XL Shannon & Luke-067-XL Shannon & Luke-078-XL So, this is what guys do while they’re waiting for the ceremony to start…Shannon & Luke-133-XL Shannon & Luke-146-XL Shannon & Luke-151-XL Shannon & Luke-157-XL Shannon & Luke-159-XL Shannon & Luke-166-XL Shannon & Luke-176-XL Shannon & Luke-193-XL Shannon & Luke-202-XLThey kept the ceremony decor simple, choosing a pretty paper floral garland above the altar for a little added romance.

Shannon-&-Luke-229-L Shannon & Luke-259-XL Shannon & Luke-274-XLI just can’t get enough of these two in black & white! They look like they’ve stepped out of another era…


Shannon & Luke-248-XLBack at her parents’ home, their guests were ready to party! Shannon created these cool wooden bar menus, which perfectly complimented the rustic desert feel of San Pedro.

Shannon-&-Luke-299-LYou may hear me say this a lot this season (we’ve been working on a ton of gorgeous backyard weddings), but with a view like this, I can’t come up with a good reason not to have your wedding at home!

Shannon & Luke-291-XL

Shannon-&-Luke-295-LThe bride used little papel picado table numbers, which matched the larger strand that adorned the patio’s overhang.

Shannon-&-Luke-313-LThese two had some of the funniest, and most touching toasts I’ve ever heard. I love how Evan caught Shannon’s range of emotions during a toast by her father.Shannon & Luke-382-XL Shannon & Luke-385-XL The Gallery of Food served an array of delicious dishes, but my favorite were these small chocolate and banana dessert empanadas. Yum!Shannon & Luke-450-XLFor their first birthday together, Shannon threw Luke a surprise karaoke birthday party, so they gave a nod to the past by renting a karaoke machine as a late night surprise for their guests! But, every guest knows that the difference between a good late night surprise and a great one is the snacks…these two hit it out of the ballpark with spicy nuts and pimento cheese coins!Shannon & Luke-451-XL Shannon & Luke-499-XL Shannon & Luke-503-XLCongratulations, Shannon & Luke! It was such a pleasure being a part of your wedding day!

A big thank you to the team who helped us pull off these fun, intimate nuptials!

Ceremony Venue: San Pedro Chapel // Reception Venue: Private Residence // Photography: Evan Robold Photography // Wedding Planning: Lindsay Bishop Events // Catering: Gallery of Food // Rentals: PRO EM // Karaoke Rental: Fantastic Five Entertainment // Transportation: Mountain View Tours





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