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Meet Lindsay

I’ve always had a love affair with weddings. I wasn’t just a little girl who dreamed about her big day. I was a fifteen year old with a fake account on The Knot, pouring over pictures of wedding dresses into the early morning hours. I was a college student who stayed home on Friday nights because I didn’t want to miss an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. But, I haven’t always been in a world of garden roses and lace.

After graduating from UNLV with a degree in Economics, I took the grown up path and began my career in the financial industry. I was ready to take over the world, and I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way! About three months before my wedding, I got the big promotion. You know, that next step that you've always dreamed of. The forever job. This job meant commitment in a big way, with long hours and lots of networking events. I was all in

Until about three weeks before my wedding. My husband, Corey, is a police officer, and his hours are difficult at best. And that's when I realized that, if I continued down this path, we would be like two ships passing in the night. I would only see my husband one day a week, and that's not a marriage. Someday when I turn 65, my career will be gone. But, if I stayed on this path, so would my marriage. So would my life!

So, I quit. And everyone thought that I was crazy (except for Corey because, luckily for me, he believes in me no matter what I do). Especially when I told them that I was going to plan weddings. But, for me, it was the most natural thing to do! I love pretty flowers and touching ceremonies and fun wedding food. More importantly, I’m obsessed with organization and numbers and checklists. I can't function without my color-coded Google calendar, and I never leave home without my yellow legal pad, or I feel naked!

Above all else, planning weddings is my passion. There is nothing that I love more than telling a couple's story through the details of their wedding, and I feel blessed every day that I’m able to help them create memories that they'll someday share with their grandchildren.